Kyoosang Choi, AKA MonQ, was born in a small town in South Korea. He was raised in Korea, New Zealand, Canada and United States, and has traveled more than 20 countries, where he learned multiple aspects of life and perspective, co-existing in one world. He studied art in New York and is attending Master of Theology in Los Angeles, while craving to make achievements in art and philosophy.

I was always drawing in the memory of my youth, but finally got to start questioning ‘what painting is’, and ‘what it is to me’ since age of 18. By the time I start to have glimpse understanding in what composes art and a painting, I could start to question ‘what it is that is being painted’ and also the meaning of it. Through studying, time-lining and analyzing science, philosophy, theology and art, I(MonQ) try to understand both ritual and physical world, and express it as forms of visual art.

Two key words of my understanding of the world are “Uncertainty” and “Ambiguity”. Philosophy has reached the point of “uncertainty” already hundreds of years ago, accepting our limitations, and Science has reached the point of “ambiguity” and is still trying to understand what it means. Artists have tried to express the both consequences consciously and unconsciously through their understandings of the world they lived in, and tried to find harmony in it. But, no one could tell if any of them were the ideal. I am on my own journey of understanding the world that has been, that is, and that will be through these two words. I carefully compose a painting, trying not to give complete definitions to the objects and symbols in it, while trying to harmonize two or more conflicting aspects in one painting, which I hope invoke the viewer’s imagination by multi-layering the glimpse of hints, about the subject I believe is worth questioning about.

Kyoosang Choi(MonQ) is a skilled illustrator who works in pen drawing, painting, printing, digital, and mural painting, based in Los Angeles. He believes that boundless knowledge from past, clear recognition of the present, and careful prediction and wild imagination towards future will let him MAKE REAL. 



BFA Illustration, School of Visual Arts, NY (2016)

MAT Theology, World Mission University, LA (2020)


"Crime and Punishment" SVA Junior Show - SVA Chelsea Gallery, New York (2015)

"Senior Show" - 380 2nd Ave, New York (2016)

"Society of Illustrators Student Scholarship Exhibition" - Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art, New York (2016)

"International Emerging Artists 2016" - Olivia Park Gallery, New York (2016)

"29th September Competition" - Alexandria Museum of Art, Alexandria (2016)

"Print Show with Bruce Waldman"  - Mehu Gallery, New York (2016)

“MaKe Real” - 276 5th ave, New York (2016)

"In the Deep end" - Gallery 114, Portland (2017)

"Society of Illustrators Student Scholarship Exhibition" - Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art, New York (2017)

"Underbelly" - H Gallery, Ventura (2017)

"Do-Arte Drawing Exhibition" - Gallery Do-arte, Los Angeles (2017)

“Art & Fashion” - TAK GALLERY, Seoul (2018)

“SALUT! III” - Nucleus Portland, 1445 SE Hawthorne Blvd, Portland, OR (2018)

“Impression” - Las Laguna Gallery, 577 S Coast Hwy, Laguna Beach, CA (2019)


Labyrinth, collaboration with Jaeun Seok - Superior Magazine (2015)

Crime and Punishment, gate-fold multi-image announcement card - School of Visual Arts (2015)

SVA 2016, T-shirts design for freshman and outgoing students - School of Visual Arts (2016)

International Emerging Artists - New York Korea Times (2016)

Saving the World from Smallpox, eBook - ReadWorks (2017)

Gumboot Dance from South Africa, eBook - ReadWorks (2017)

Desert Baroque, series illustration - 7x7 Magazine (2017)

Art & Fashion, poster design - TAK gallery (2018)

Standing on Roof of Africa, eBook - ReadWorks (2019)

MELO ‘Melo smells like’, album design - New Music (2019)

Lincoln and the 13th amendment to End Slavery, eBook - ReadWorks (2019)

To the End of the Earth, bookcover design - Lim Sungjin (2019)

Mission Theology - Lim Sungjin (2019)


Office mural, Broderville Pictures (2016)

Store mural, Miibox Irvine (2017)

Interior design and mural, Akuma Raman & Sushi (2018)

Store mural, Madison & Park coffee (2019)


"BFA Illustration and Cartooning Award" - SVA Alumni Society (2016)

"Gallery Do-Arte Drawing Comepetition - Gold Price" - Gallery Do-Arte (2017)